Assanti Brothers Update – Mother

The Assanti brother break the Internet each time their episode of My 600 lb Life airs.  This article provides updates on Justin and Steven Assanti.  They are both still alive.  Justin is passionate about his hobby shop while Steven continues to struggle with an addiction to pain pills.  Doctors recently found two blood clots in Steven's leg.  Justin does not share updates about his health. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Assanti Brothers Read more [...]

Steven Assanti My 600 LB Life Dead 2017? Justin

Update Steve Assanti On December 16, 2017, Steven posted a video of himself singing and dancing.  Check out his rendition of "Santa Baby": Steven Assanti shared the following Facebook post on November 5, 2017.  He explains that he is back in the hospital because he was suffering chest pains.  Sadly, he has two blood clots in his leg.  Obese people run a higher risk of dangerous blood clots that can cause heart attacks. Justin Assanti Unlike Steven, Justin Assanti Read more [...]

Lupe Samano Now, Dead? – My 600-lb Life

Update Lupe Samano is doing great.  In the Facebook post below she shares pics from 2008 to 2013, before she got her weight loss surgery.  She explains that she has come a long way and her mom would be proud.  She thanks God and her new man, Andrew Renteria.  Lupe is no longer with Gilbert. In the post below, Gilbert reveals that he's single: The following post shows Lupe and her new man, Andrew: Lupe Samano first appeared on My 600-lb Life in 2016.  She's not dead Read more [...]

Laura Perez, My 600 LB Life

Update Laura Perez is maintaining a healthy weight.  She shared the picture below on Facebook on December 24, 2017.   Laura Perez My 600 lb Life In the Facebook post below, Laura thanks all her supporters for helping her through her journey.  She says that without her friends she wouldn't be able to overcome hard times.  Perez highlights an important lesson My 600 lb Life teaches us.  The most successful people on the series have friends and family members who Read more [...]

Sean – My 600 lb Life, Brittani Now

Sean Milliken Update Sadly, Sean's mother, Renee Milliken passed away from kidney disease on in April of 2017.  Sean is still unable to care for himself.  He had gastric bypass surgery and lost more than 300 pounds but then gained it all back. Renee Milliken On Sean's episode, Dr. Now gave Renee constructive criticism for acting as Sean's enabler.  The video below shows Renee cleaning Sean's open sores.  She explains that it's important for them to be clean so they don't Read more [...]