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The show returns for its third season on Wednesday, September 21, 2016.

According to Vulture, Taraji P. Henson believes that the show is opening people’s minds.  She is a fan of the show Orange Is The New Black and supports the way in which the Netflix series reveals what is happening in prisons around the world.

In the show’s first two season, Empire has also explored life behind bars.  Flashbacks of Cookie crying in her cell are always difficult to watch.  The show continues to push the envelope and bridge historical gaps.  This site was created to support the series every step of the way.

From Gabourey Sidibe’s balcony scene to Jamal’s unapologetic sexual orientation, the show is unlike any other.  This site will provide news and information on the show’s cast and deliver recaps after every episode.

Our mission is to support diversity on television, as the series has created new opportunities for actors around the world.  Fox has proven that it supports diversity and we must continue to show network executives that we are more than willing to watch good TV, no matter the race of the show’s cast members.

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