Kerrin Randolph Gets Dragged by Cops

Kerrin Randolph Gets Dragged by CopsIn New York, MTA police arrested a disabled man in New York City's Grand Central Station. Kerrin Randolph, the man in question, was simply charging his wheel chair. Kerrin Randolph claims the officers wrote him a ticket for committing “theft of services” before cuffing him and standing him up.Randolph says that one of the cops said "You can walk". Randolph fell to the ground. This led to an MTA police officer grabbing him by the handcuffs and literally Read more [...]

Remy Ma talks about her unborn child

Remy Ma talks about her unborn childThe Reunion episode of Love and Hip Hop featured Remy Ma talking about an intensely personal subject. She discussed the loss of her unborn child due to complications during her pregnancy. Remy stated that she feels cheated out of being able to bond with her baby. Remy assured her fans that there is nothing wrong with her female body. However, she mentioned that she might have to have a special medical procedure done to ensure a healthy and successful pregnancy.Remy Read more [...]

Jasmine Washington – Kirk Frost New Baby Mama

Jasmine Washington - Kirk Frost New Baby MamaScroll to the bottom of this post to see the new Love and Hip Hop Atlanta super trailer.  The 2017 trailer shows Rasheeda go crazy on Kirk Frost.  The image below shows Kirk's new baby mama.  #LHHATL is evolving.  Fans are done with Joseline and Stevie J.  Their relationship's a big lie unlike Rasheeda and Kirk's.Jasmine Washington is Kirk Frost's new baby mama according to court documents obtained by Bossip.  According to Read more [...]

Yandy Smith Caught in Multiple Lies in “Love and Hip-Hop: New York” Reunion

Yandy Smith Caught in Multiple Lies in "Love and Hip-Hop: New York" ReunionLove and Hip-Hop New York reunion show erupted into pure chaos and it only took ten minutes into the episode for Yandy Smith to be exposed. In a fight that broke out including two audience members and Mendeeces' first baby's mother, Samantha, Yandy claimed to not know what happened or who was involved. However, producers shut that down right away when it was revealed that the audience members who attacked Samantha were related Read more [...]

Oscars 2017: What Did you Think About Justin Timberlakes New Haircut?

Oscars 2017: What Did you Think About Justin Timberlake’s New Haircut?Although the Oscars are supposed to be the night to celebrate the greatest achievements in Hollywood throughout the year, there is one thing on everyone’s mind besides talking about who is winning what. What is that one thing? The way the stars are dressed and how their hair looks.This is why everyone was ready to tweet what they thought of Justin Timberlake’s hair last night as soon as they saw him with his new Read more [...]