Who Is Jim Jones Baby Momma? Son, Pudie

On episode 5 of Jim and Chrissy: Vow Or Never we meet Pudie, Jim Jones’ son.  Many of the rapper’s fans were unaware that he had any kids.  Although the rapper refers to Pudie as Chrissy’s son, she is not Jim Jones’ baby momma.  Although Pudie was born over a decade ago the rapper has managed to keep the identity of his son’s mother a secret.

Chrissy Lampkin is very savvy and she’s most likely the reason that we don’t know much information about the rapper’s personal life.  When you know the right people you can get details about your personal life removed from the Internet.

Who Is Jim Jones Baby Momma? Son, Pudie
Who Is Jim Jones Baby Momma? Son, Pudie

Pudie interrupts Mama Jones in the interview below.  The person conducting the interview asks Mama Jones how old the rapper’s son was at the time and Mama Jones says that he was 8.  The interviewer is surprised to find out that the rapper welcomed his son around the same time he started dating Chrissy.

When asked if she gets along with Pudie’s mother Mama Jones explains that they get along very well and she wasn’t happy when her and Jimmy broke up.  “That’s my baby.  That’s a daughter to me.” Mama Jones also reveals that her family maintains a positive relationship with Pudie’s mother.

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